13-Lot Subdivision Near The ‘Overture’ Contingent Upon Farr St. Extension

The City of Charleston Planning Commission gave unanimous passage to a Daniel Island Associates project to construct a 13-lot subdivision on the portion of Farr Street that is as yet undeveloped.

The subdivision, if approved by City Council at their next meeting on July 11, would feature 10 single family attached lots and three single-family detached lots, all of which will be accessible by a small alley at the rear of the properties.

The new Farr Street extension, once complete, will connect the intersection of Farr Street at Grand Council Street with the intersection of Farr Street at Seven Farms Drive. The newly approved subdivision would be situated on 3.74 acres located just to the east of the site of the planned “Overture” senior housing development.

“This is wrapped into an area of Daniel Island that y’all have seen a couple times recently with the connection of the two existing stubs of Farr Street being made with that right-of-way being completed and connected,” said City Planning staffer Stephen Julka, in explaining the proposed design for the project. “This is actually a subdivision proposal for new parcels that will be off of that new Farr Street connection.”

The subdivision plan is dependent upon the City Technical Review Committee’s (TRC) approval of the Farr Street extension plan.

“The Farr Street extension, the connection of those two stubs is currently under review by the TRC for their platting and road construction plans,” continued Julka. “Assuming they meet all the city’s requirements, that should be under construction relatively soon.”

Once the design and engineering firm Thomas & Hutton Engineering Co. is able to meet those requirements construction will begin on the roadway. The passage of the road plan will allow the subdivision project to begin in earnest as well.

The plan for the 13-lot subdivision has itself gone before the TRC, explained Julka. The TRC vetted the project before the Planning Commission had their opportunity last Wednesday evening, and had passed it up to the City Planning department with a recommendation that it be approved with no conditions.

Tom Reilly with Thomas & Hutton Engineering Co. was in attendance at the meeting to speak on behalf of both his firm and the Daniel Island Company, a component of Daniel Island Associates.

“It’s very straightforward with Farr Street,” he said. “It’s in accordance with the zoning text and the Master Plan.”

Jeff Elliott of the Daniel Island Company (DIC) also attended the meeting as a representative for the project and DIC President Matt Sloan.

“I would just like to let the board know that… Matt Sloan has recently presented this project to the neighborhood association,” said Elliott.

Looking out at Elliott, her face framed in the visage of curiosity, Planning Commissioner Sunday Lempesis replied with a tone of mock curiosity.

“And…?” questioned Lempesis.

The laughs that echoed about the chamber effectively relieved for Elliott the need to actually respond to the question, and before they’d even ceased, Planning Commission Chair William Geer was asking for speakers for and against the project to identify themselves. Hearing none, he offered his own dose of levity to the room.

“Scratch a lottery ticket,” he laughed, before calling for a motion on the issue. The motion was made to approve the plan. That motion was seconded and voted on in a few quick seconds, with the entirety of the Commission saying “Aye” in approval of the project. Daniel Island’s moment in the City Planning Commission’s spotlight was over, at least for now.

Final approval of the project is pending a vote by Charleston City Council at their next meeting, to be held July 11 at City Hall, located at 80 Broad Street in downtown Charleston


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