2013 J.I. Hurricane Expo

God Forbid, an Earthquake?

Lowcountry CERT, CPD Team 4, and Lowe’s promote “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” approach to disaster preparedness at their 2013 hurricane expo

By Charlie Morrison

Community Editor

The Lowcountry Community Emergency Response Team (Lowcountry CERT), the Charleston Police Department’s Team 4, and Lowe’s partnered up this past Saturday afternoon for James Island Hurricane Expo 2013. As each year passes without the landing of another Hugo, the likelihood of the next event increases … point being, it’s just a matter of time. With that thought as a backdrop Lowcountry CERT wants James Islanders to have a plan in place before disaster strikes, should it ever.


Charleston County Government’s Emergency Management Department participated with other Tri-County Emergency first-responders like the James Island and St. John’s Fire Departments, volunteer organizations and local businesses offered up survival tips, information and resources on preparing for any disaster.

Though the recommended evacuation route for James Island and Folly Beach hasn’t changed, CERT officials urge citizens to refresh their memories on the route, which is in short, Savaannah Highway south to Hollywood where traffic can direct inland via Route 64.

Anyone wanting more information should go to CERT’s local website at www.lcert.orgFor more information contact Alan Laughlin, Lowcountry CERT Team 4 Liaison, by phone at: (843)330-4023 or by email at 1Grayghost@comcast.net


James Island Hurricane Expo 2013 went off without a hitch this past Saturday afternoon in the Lowe’s parking lot. The event was well attended and featured a number of new information stations from previous years

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