So-called “Cursed” Restaurant Site Actually Cursed!

CUTLINE: After a “lockdown,” Aaron Goodwin, Zak Bagans, and Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures say Folly Road building is cursed.

So-called “Cursed” Restaurant Site Actually Cursed!

Ghost Adventures finds “high likelihood of paranormal activity” at Folly Road building

By Charlie Morrison

Contributing Writer

It’s long rumored that the building located at 951 Folly Road is cursed. The building has sent many of good restaurants to the grave, including Brinson’s Beef & Brew, Necter Bar & Grille, The Palmetto Ale House, and most recently Brett’s Roadside Kitchen.

Last week, after conducting a thorough paranormal investigation at the now unoccupied building, a team from the popular Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures visited James Island and determined the space is indeed cursed — haunted by a host of ghoulish souls.

The revelation that the space is haunted/cursed doesn’t come to a surprise to many James Islanders. It’s not the question of if the building is haunted, but that of who is doing the haunting. Several former employees from the many previous incarnations that have called the space home, have collectively asserted the alleged haunting of the restaurant space over the past decade.

But the Ghost Adventures team determined the origin of the spiritual activity to pre-date the succession of failed culinary ventures. Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, and Nick Groff have gone on the record to say the origin of the spiritual activity at the Folly Road building dates back to another former tenant, the First Federal of Charlestowne Bank. According to the Bagans, the souls haunting the cursed space are most likely the angry souls of former bank customers who are still upset over being forced to pay $35 overdraft fees per transaction to the bank upon overdrawing their accounts. Apparently it infuriated them that the bank would first withdraw the transaction with the largest amount, and then charge $35 for every other little transaction that would have cleared fine had they just put them through first.


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