My New Inbound Marketing Certification!

Well friends, I suppose now is as good a time as any to announce that after many months of what was at times, a brutal job search, I've landed a position in content marketing with a national brand based in Mount Pleasant! My official role with my new firm will be as a "Marketing Content … Continue reading My New Inbound Marketing Certification!

The Loss of One a Cost to All: Westchester Comes Together as One after Shooting Death of Communal Son

"The park was buzzing with activity. It was busy, but beset by the burden of collective loss. The emotion rung in my ears, it crept up my spine and penetrated my senses as does the shrill sound that assaults the senses when, every 17 years, several thousand buzzing cicadas descend upon the Lowcountry. The tension, the passion, the pain... all were tangible, and each feeling, by communal osmosis found the way to the corners of my soul, taking hold before the first prayer was uttered."