‘101 Ways” Follow-up: No. 70 – Daniel Island, Fantastic without Plastic?

The data produced by the group tells an undeniable story that the waters of Charleston Harbor contains nearly seven tons of plastic waste, the waste is harmful to animal and fish species who ingest the plastic after breaks down to microscopic levels. Plastic bags are among the top five sources of plastic litter collected during beach cleanups in Charleston.

Town Approves 5-Points Re-Zoning

James Island Town Council voted in favor of re-zoning the 5-lot property at the intersection of Woodland Shores Rd. and Maybank Hwy. from the single-family residential zoning to planned-use-development (PUD) zoning. The key aspect of the PUD zoning is that it gives Town Council a say in the overall presentation of the building, as well as in the tenant selection process. A building zoned PUD allows a variety of uses as determined by Town Council as long as it “doesn’t cause hardships to the surrounding residents.”