Alienated Asphalt


The 3.7-mile stretch of roadway


Alienated Asphalt

Harbor View Road demands a say in expansion plans

By Charlie Morrison

Contributing Writer


Officials from Charleston County RoadWise expected a flow of input from the public following their Feb. 28 Harbor View Road improvements project meeting, addressing current alternatives for the roadway. What they didn’t expect is input coming from the roadway itself. They received just that. Last week, RoadWise received a letter submitted by the 3.7-mile stretch of asphalt lamenting RoadWise’s unwillingness to permit the roadway to speak on its own behalf regarding the project. A 28-point addendum was attached to the letter outlining a series of complaints vetted by various pieces of infrastructure lining the roadway.

Notable amongst the complaints was that of a Harbor View Road and Mikell Drive intersection fire hydrant, which, while choosing to remain unnamed, called the two current alternatives for the prospective project “a bunch of malarky.”

“This is going to wreck me,” the unnamed hydrant said. “Literally, they’re going to take me out.”

The roadway met a reporter from the James Island Messenger along with its attorney, Trent Kernodle of Kernodle, Root & Coleman. “Charleston County RoadWise has continued its efforts to deny me, the roadway you refer to as Harbor View Road, the right to address the public regarding future plans to ‘improve’ me,” the roadway said in a grave, gravelly voice. “Though my colleagues the trees have been invited to the table, I have glaringly not been invited to speak on my own behalf. I feel I speak for the fire hydrants, street signs, manhole covers, and the true unsung heroes of Harbor View Road — the drainage ditches — when I say it’s time we had a say.”

That Harbor View Roads trees have been embraced by the Save Harbor View Road/Will You Miss These Trees? movement, and as a result, has been represented by human counterparts, clearly irks the 34-year-old road, which also notes that it is “in its prime.”

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