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Hello again friends,

Welcome back to theMindofMorrison.com and my blog, the Pretentious Illiterate. The latter, tPI as I call it, has yet to be truly born out, as for as long as I’ve had this website I’ve struggled with what to blog about. The purpose of my website was originally to host my journalism archives. And while I’ve managed to upload over 250 stories from my journalism days, as many have been lost to time (ugh!). Anyway the purpose of my site has now changed course.

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Over the last six months I’ve been working to make the transition from a career in journalism to one in marketing. About three months ago, I made a breakthrough. In vetting a job offer that required me to research a style of marketing that was new to me I discovered “Inbound Marketing.” This, I’ve realized over the past quarter, is what I want to do. #Exciting

As for what’s taken me so long to get this blog going, I’ve been hesitant because I simply respect your time and wouldn’t want to put anything out there that’s not worth your valuable time. I’ve finally settled on a topic everyone can benefit from, writing.

The Purpose of tPI:

  • To Educate
  • To Entertain
  • To Share
  • To Create Conversation

What I’m Going to Blog About:

  • Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Business Copy
  • PR Writing
  • Grammar
  • Writing on the Web

Why am I writing a blog?

Well, there are a slew of answers I could propose to answer said question –

  • I should do it to further my career as a writer
  • I shouldshare some of the tools, techniques, and tips I’ve learned regarding both the English language, or the ‘net
  • I should share some of the stories I’ve accumulated in my years on this earth, particularly since becoming a journalist
  • I really can’t call my website a blog without actually publishing a blog or…
  • I simply have a lot to say…

all are valid excuses to in effect ask you to take time out of your life to read me, and that’s what I think of it as, my ask of you to take time out of your life to read what I’m writing.

And at last I feel I’ve got enough to say that I won’t be wasting your time.

And so here lies the Pretentious Illiterate.

What you can expect from this blog:

  • Useful!!!
  • varied subject matter
  • I’ll be touching on all aspects of my life in this blog with a mind toward providing you something useful

You can expect posts on:

– subjects I’ve covered as a journalist I found worthy of your further interest
– writing techniques applicable to journalists and everyday communication alike
– life lived here in James Island and greater Charleston, South Carolina
– awesome web tools to help you do all sorts of things
– personal anecdotes on my job search
– links to cool and useful websites
– links to creative writing work I’ve done (fingers crossed on that one)

What you won’t see on the Pretentious Illiterate:

  • posts on national politics
  • posts on my love life
  • complaints
  • plugs for any business I’m affliliated with
  • photos of my cat

Each post will be its own animal, but what I promise is that you can read a fresh post each and every Sunday morning. The first post will be hitting the ‘net this coming Sunday, April 30 – the topic: how to write about science without bias.

You certainly don’t need to read every post, only what interests you. If nothing interests you, no worries.

What I expect from you:

– Take the poll below and tell me what interests you!
– If something does interest you, comment on it (no judgement coming
from me!)
– If you deem something worthwhile to anyone you know, share it using the many links I’ve provided!Subscribe to my Blog I tPI in your Inbox

– If you like what you see on the reg. – subscribe to receive my blog by email!

Thanks guys, wish me luck!






Charles D. Morrison – tPI
“The Pretentious Illiterate”

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