Worth 1000 Words

Where the CRBJ erred, was in their choice of an accompanying photo. The photo they ran with the story, both on the paper’s website and their social media feeds, depicted the James Island La Hacienda restaurant, which is an entirely different company, owned privately by Ramon Macias.

West Ashley’s Wire-to-Wire Winner?

Youngest, last entrant to Mayoral field Stavrinakis is showing no signs of fatigue in pushing for Mayoral job   Several months ago, JIM managed to creatively carve out some one-on-one time with S.C. House of Representatives Rep. Leon Stavrinakis (Dist. 119) by “unknowingly” dropping in on a campaign fundraiser a little early. Not wanting to … Continue reading West Ashley’s Wire-to-Wire Winner?

A Pawn of No Man

‘‘I will move my knight to ‘C3,’ taking your bishop,” said former City Councilman Paul Tinkler, now running a campaign to be the City’s next Mayor in November. It will take a special campaign run by a uniquely talented candidate to win the race to fill the retiring Riley’s seat atop the City of Charleston. The Holy City Mayoral elections will carry one from a field of seven talented candidates vying for the City’s top job.

Breakin’ Up the Boys’ Club

Regarding development, particularly residential growth on the outlying barrier islands, Deerin’s take shows nuance. “I do think that density and gathering places are part of the solution in making all of Charleston interesting,” states Deerin. “I think if we don’t have these we won’t have diversity. I think we should have nice suburban areas for people who want to live in nice, suburban areas,” she states, before turning her attention to the mechanics of how the City processes requests from developers.

An Underdog in Dollars Only

Washington Runs Campaign that's heavy on ideas, lean on dollars In his professional life, candidate for Mayor of Charleston Maurice Washington is a man driven by details. As the President/CEO of financial consulting firm Trust Management, LLC, figures and facts are Washington’s business. But where equations, theories, and projections are the realm of economists, Washington’s … Continue reading An Underdog in Dollars Only

New Recruits, Same Old PSD

JIM did reach out to Trent Kernodle to comment on the situation but he declined. “I figure you will write whatever (Mayor) Woolsey tells you,” said Kernodle in way of a response.

Mum’s the Word

JIPSD votes on extra security for future meetings; mum on attorney BY CHARLIE MORRISON - SENIOR STAFF REPORTER ON AUGUST 6, 2015 GOVERNMENT, NEWS James Island Public Service District Commissioner Kay Kernodle resigned her position over criticism that the District’s continued use of her husband Trent Kernodle’s law firm for outside legal services constituted nepotism. … Continue reading Mum’s the Word


Gregorie runs on platform of education BY CHARLIE MORRISON - SENIOR STAFF REPORTER ON AUGUST 6, 2015 GOVERNMENT, NEWS The James Island / Folly Beach Democrats played host to City of Charleston Councilman and Mayoral candidate William Dudley Gregorie earlier this summer at an event held at the James Island Senior Center. Gregorie outlined his … Continue reading THE EDUCATION MAYOR

Growth in the Shadow of ‘The Standard’

“Regardless, I do feel that we have three representatives on the City of Charleston council who represent James Island, and we need all three of you to step up to the plate on this proposal at The (sub)Standard,” continued Carol Jacobsen. “This “gathering place” zoning must be fixed and changed to allow a say by the community. For those who say, ‘there’s nothing I can do,’ I say this is not the right job for you.”

Behind God’s Back No More: The Future of Heirs’ Property on James Island

James Island Gentrification Pt. III BY CHARLIE MORRISON - SENIOR STAFF REPORTER ON JULY 30, 2015 NEWS This is the third and final installment of JIM’s three part series on Gentrification on James Island. “Oh, my God,” groaned Liz Singleton as she tuned around the corner along Grimball Road Extension and her eyes took in … Continue reading Behind God’s Back No More: The Future of Heirs’ Property on James Island

Tecklenburg Tackles the Tough Times

Tecklenburg’s team has run a solid campaign so far, and things were moving along well for the West Ashley-based commercial realtor and former Director of Economic Development for the City, going well that is until the tragic shooting of the Emanuel Nine.

When Two Families become One

“It’s always hard work, there’s a lot of time and effort you have to put into it, but it’s worth it. This is my baby. A lot of these kids could be just like me,” said White in between drills at his 2015 youth football summer camp. White, 33, was a four-sport letterman at James Island Charter High School (JICHS) and went on to star at the University of Alabama before joining the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL.

41 Minutes with the Mayor of Mayors

During a recent sit down with JIM to discuss the past, present, and future of the City with and without the Mayor, something telling happened. We were forced to briefly put our conversation on hold with Mayor Riley as he changed the batteries powering his hearing aids. What was telling was not the fact that … Continue reading 41 Minutes with the Mayor of Mayors

Making Sustainable Attainable

“What solar panels?” commented a recent party guest to the home Craig Knowlton and wife Karin Olah. “I didn’t see any solar panels.” For Knowlton the observation, or rather lack thereof, was a revelation. As the Director of Business Development with Alder Energy Systems, a firm specializing in the installation and maintenance of turn-key solar panel energy systems for primarily residential uses, Knowlton believes in his product. For evidence, look no further than the 15-panel system that tightly hugs his own home’s south, street-side roof.

Medway Mess

The little-known, long-term joint use agreement that governs the City of Charleston’s lease of the Charleston County School District (CCSD) owned Medway Park in Riverland Terrace has become a matter of contention and is currently the subject of legalese between the two municipal monstrosities. Activities in the park have been reportedly restricted. This means the end for two superlative community projects set for the green space. The Sunday Brunch Farmer’s Market will no longer be held on the park grounds, breaking both tradition and many a Riverland Terrace heart.


Island residents hark back to Civil-Rights era roots in conducting peaceful protest BY CHARLIE MORRISON - NEWS EDITOR ON FEBRUARY 18, 2015 FEATURED When Rev. Dr. Charles Heyward, Sr. stepped on a bus chartered by the Charleston chapter of the National Action Network (NAN) bound for their Dec. 13, Washington, D.C. March, he knew the … Continue reading JAMES ISLAND GOES TO WASHINGTON

The Duel over Duel-Track

CCSD Board votes full transition to Montessori for Murray-LaSaine Elementary for second, perhaps final time By Charlie Morrison I Editor The recent debate over the future of education at Murray-LaSaine Elementary School (MLES) was finally brought to a hard-fought, emotional conclusion. On Monday night, the Charleston County School District (CCSD) Board of Directors voted to … Continue reading The Duel over Duel-Track


BY CHARLIE MORRISON - SENIOR STAFF REPORTER ON JANUARY 28, 2015 Follywood Productions’ Ben Bounds has proven himself a player in the party planning, production, and talent agency world and he throws a party each year, the Follywood Productions Oyster Roast.  For Follywood Productions’ Ben Bounds, a guy who puts together events for a living, … Continue reading BOUND(S) TO HAVE A GOOD TIME


Maybank/Folly small business owners endure a slow season all the slower amidst construction of new Harris Teeter BY CHARLIE MORRISON - NEWS EDITOR ON JANUARY 21, 2015 Exemplar Fitness’ Jason Fiutem isn’t not one to mince words, especially when it comes to his business. “I’m not going to lie to you, it hurts,” he says. … Continue reading THE CONSTRUCTION OBSTRUCTION


Personality, passion, pride perverting PSD performance; Commission Attorney resigns BY CHARLIE MORRISON - SENIOR STAFF REPORTER ON JANUARY 21, 2015 GOVERNMENT The sudden resignation of James Island Public Service District attorney Trent Kernodle sent waves throughout the Commission (2014 Commission pictured). Pictured to the far right is former Commissioner Rod Welch, who last week lost … Continue reading PUNCH DRUNK


Operation Homefront is working with Lennar Homes to renovate the Petrie family’s home to make it easier to navigate for Petrie, who was wounded in Afghanistan. Jason Byham, president of Lennar Coastal Carolinas Division, talked with Scott Petrie about the renovations to his home on James Island.Operation Homefront is working with Lennar Homes to renovate the Petrie family’s home to make it easier to navigate for Petrie, who was wounded in Afghanistan. Jason Byham, president of Lennar Coastal Carolinas Division, talked with Scott Petrie about the renovations to his home on James Island.

Freezin’ Into ’15


Read the story here.

Hot Wheels Gone Cold

ISLAND INSTITUTION HOT WHEELS SKATING CENTER FORCED TO PULL UP FROM SOUTH FOLLY RD. ROOTS AFTER TWO DECADES BY CHARLIE MORRISON - SENIOR STAFF REPORTER ON JANUARY 7, 2015 NEWS Hot Wheels owner/operator Sheryl Benton (center) poses with husband Art (to her right), her daughter and son-in-law Terri and T.J. Halter (to her left) and … Continue reading Hot Wheels Gone Cold


THE TRUE STORY OF GLORY Old Slave Mart Museum’s McGill regales in tales 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry as portrayed in “Glory” BY CHARLIE MORRISON - NEWS EDITOR ON FEBRUARY 11, 2015 FEATURED During his lectures about the famed 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, there are times audiences can’t tell if they are listening to present … Continue reading THE TRUE STORY OF GLORY

A Life Well Lived

Late Greenhill Road neighborhood community leader, entreprenuer lived a life of principle, progress Charlie Morrison Staff Writer The Lowcounry lost a legend last month, with the passing of Greenhill Road neighborhood matriarch and entreprenuer Virginia “Evie” Smalls. Smalls passed away at the age of 87. Smalls’ life was a life well-lived. Since “Evie,” as she was … Continue reading A Life Well Lived

Editor PurchasesJames Island Messenger

PRESS RELEASE: Editor Purchases James Island Messenger August 27, 2013 [JAMES ISLAND, S.C.,] For nearly five years, the James Island Messenger (JIM) has been the weekly newspaper of James Island, coving the challenges and triumphs facing this dynamic part of through in-depth reporting and feature writing. Last week, JIM editor Charles Morrison reached a deal … Continue reading Editor PurchasesJames Island Messenger

Buffers, Booze, & Bibles

Town zoning board gives CountyRoadWise go-ahead on tree variance, denies Camp Rd. liquor store By Charlie Morrison | Community Editor A full calendar year has come and gone in the life of the fourth incorporated Town of James Island, and slowly, steadily, Town representatives and staffers alike appear to be settling in to their respective … Continue reading Buffers, Booze, & Bibles

The Great Tree Debate

Town’s treatment, definition of grand trees at center of hot political topic By Charlie Morrison | Community Editor The issue of how municipalities serving James Island should preserve the island’s natural environment has bubbled, boiled, and simmered under the surface of the political pot of soup being cooked across the island. Occasionally the issue has … Continue reading The Great Tree Debate

Happy Birthday James Island

Busy Town meeting caps of first full, permanent year with meeting chock-full of surprises By Charlie Morrison | Community Editor It’s been a busy couple of weeks in James Island politics. The Town capped off a flurry of municipal activity in holding it’s August meeting of Town Council last Thursday, Aug. 15. The date, symbolically … Continue reading Happy Birthday James Island

Same Road, Different Paths

Developer’s use of “closed road” causes riff among residents and local officials By Charlie Morrison │ Community Editor When is a law a law? That question was recently raised as construction continues on a City of Charleston-zoned, 38-unit residential development adjacent to the Harbor Woods neighborhood that utilizes a roadway that was and may still … Continue reading Same Road, Different Paths

Neighbors vs. Numbers

J.I. Elementary hosts county legislatives for delegation meeting dominated by discussion of SCDOT, safety at nearby South Grimball and Folly Road intersection By Charlie Morrison | Community Editor Driving southbound down Folly Road in the direction of Folly Beach and home, you sigh a sigh of relief as the traffic signal at North Grimball Road, … Continue reading Neighbors vs. Numbers

Displaced Doggies

CUTLINE Wag Factory Kennel Manager Samantha MacDougal is right at home in the company’s expansive new Doggy daycare displaced by Folly Market stretching legs in new location By Charlie Morrison | Community Editor  When James Island-based boarding, grooming and doggy daycare facility the Wag Factory’s Kennel Manager Samantha MacDougal vets prospective employees, one’ ability to … Continue reading Displaced Doggies

Dancin’ Through the Decades

CUTLINE (from left) Mother and daughter team and Trudy’s School of Dance Co-Owners/Directors Linda Walker and Tiffany DiPrima are in the process of transitioning the iconic, 73-year-old James Island business into its new facility in the Island Shopping Plaza at 1291 Folly Rd.   Dancin’ through the next Decade Displaced by development, iconic James Island … Continue reading Dancin’ Through the Decades

Folly’s Changing Face

Folly’s Changing Face Super Bi-Lo bound Folly Market development begins to take shape in Centerville By Charlie Morrison │ Community Editor When it comes to the topic of development on James Island, specifically how the island’s growth is managed, consensus can be as hard to find as any precious metal. Topics like trees and traffic … Continue reading Folly’s Changing Face

The Gate to Compromise is Closed

The Gate To Compromise Is Closed Belle Terre gates remain shut as City-led effort to find compromise sputters July 24, 2013  By Charlie Morrison On April 30, JIM reported that the City of Charleston had approved “temporary” security gates at both ends of the neighborhood now known as Belle Terre, a long-debated tract of land … Continue reading The Gate to Compromise is Closed

A Square Peg for a Round Hole

“My desire is to allow the people that were formerly in the Town of James Island to be able to be annex into the Town. How do you do that without contiguity? That’s what this bill addresses.” — Paul Thurmond, S.C. State Senator “When I prepared the early drafts, I had assumed that the JIPSD Commissioners … Continue reading A Square Peg for a Round Hole