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Wag Factory Kennel Manager Samantha MacDougal is right at home in the company’s expansive new

Doggy daycare displaced by Folly Market stretching legs in new location

By Charlie Morrison | Community Editor

 When James Island-based boarding, grooming and doggy daycare facility the Wag Factory’s Kennel Manager Samantha MacDougal vets prospective employees, one’ ability to be flexible in all things is not just a desirable quality, it’s a prerequisite. After all, to the untrained eye, to manage a pet care facility management is to manage sheer chaos. Luckily for Wag Factory owner Ryan Reed, who two years ago stepped away from the day-to-day operations of the facility turning the reins over to MacDougal, a gal with a knack for controlling chaos.

4 - The Wag FactoryThat quality came in especially handy earlier this year, when the lot on which sat the former home of the Wag Factory was sold to a development firm FEWG, LLC. The move forced the business to relocate, as future terms for renting the space were untenable for the still growing business.

Reed and MacDougal reacted quickly however, and before long the transition to their new home at 719 Folly Road adjacent to Ellis Creek was well under way. Six months into life in the new facility, life is good according to MacDougal.

“I love it, I think it was the best thing that could have happened for us,” says MacDougal, a certified animal behavioral specialist with a degree from Animal Behavioral College, who, following her education, MacDougal took a job with Suite Paws Pet Resort & Spa in Durham, NC, a top-notch, award-winning facility.

“We did need to expand, our customers love the new facility … it’s night and day from the old location,” says MacDougal. “We have better indoor and outdoor facilities, and better kennels, we’re just all-around better equipped to do our jobs.”

And while her new digs are humble compared to Suite Paws, MacDougal is thrilled to be in charge of what she calls the “bigger and better” Wag Factory. Change isn’t cheap, however, and growth came at a cost to the business. And while the expense was significant, the business is prepared to handle more customers.

“Any time you expand, there are expenses involved, but the expanded space we now have has allowed us to serve more customers, and we really haven’t missed a beat,” she continues.Sam and chubby puppy

“That being said, we had a really hard time with (Charleston) County and the Town (of James Island), at least at first with getting up to code.

With the intergovernmental agreement governing Folly Road still in its infancy and confusion over which municipality what responsible for what rife on the island at that time, the sale date of their former home was less than ideal.

“It was just timing … it was really, really bad timing.

“Eventually, we contacted the Town and simply said ‘you’ve got to help us.’ Representatives from the Town stepped in quickly and did an awesome job. They helped us understand exactly what we needed to do, how we needed to get it done … they were awesome.

“Moving over here hit us pretty hard … but in the end it was definitely a blessing in disguise.”

For more information on the Wag Factory, find them on Facebook or Foursquare, see their website at www.wagfactory.com, stop by 719 Folly Road (next to Melvin’s BBQ’s Corporate building), or give them a call at 225-1924. 

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