Editor PurchasesJames Island Messenger


Editor Purchases James Island Messenger

August 27, 2013

[JAMES ISLAND, S.C.,] For nearly five years, the James Island Messenger (JIM) has been the weekly newspaper of James Island, coving the challenges and triumphs facing this dynamic part of through in-depth reporting and feature writing. Last week, JIM editor Charles Morrison reached a deal with Wiser Time, Inc. to purchase the weekly newspaper he’s worked for since its inception. Morrison’s company, First Shot Publishing, LLC., will officially take over operations of the weekly newspaper September 1, 2013

News reporter and Editor Charles “Charlie” Morrison, who has been covering James Island since 2009, has purchased the James Island Messenger

News reporter and Editor Charles “Charlie” Morrison, who has been covering James Island since 2009, has purchased the James Island Messenger

Charlie Questioning Mayo Riley

Charlie interviewing City of Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

Since the very first issue of JIM was published, Morrison has been an integral part of the newspaper. Initially hired as a staff writer and distribution manager, Morrison grew in his years at JIM, eventually being promoted to the position of community editor, a position he has held at the paper for the last year and a half.

Morrison, who lives in the Riverland Terrace neighborhood on James Island, is excited about shifting his duties from editor to editor and publisher. “I have been personally vested in the James Island Messenger for some time,” he says. “Investing in the paper financially was for me, the natural thing to do considering how excited I am about the future of the paper and the future of James Island.”

Beginning September 1, Morrison will officially take over the newspaper, its website (www.jimpaper.com), and its social media accounts. This week marks the final issue published by Chambers and Wiser Time, Inc., which will continue publishing JIM’s sister publication, West Of — West Ashley’s Newspaper.

“It has been a true pleasure being a part of this evolving and passionate community,” said Chambers, of James Island. “But the task of running two weekly newspapers for two different communities is time consuming and I feared that I wasn’t able to commit myself to both.

“Charlie not only lives on James Island, but he’s been covering the issues facing the community every week since we started,” said Chambers. “He will do a great job making the James Island Messenger more localized, focused, and relevant to the residents of this region.”Journalist

According to Morrison, JIM will take a couple week hiatus from printing. “The paper will re-launch in mid-to-late September, with a slightly refined look, a number of new features, and some tweaks to its design,” says Morrison. And while he does not foresee himself making any wholesale changes to JIM in the near future, Morrison will be introducing new features to both the paper’s print and online product over time.

The paper will continue to have favorite columns such as The Beer Snob, Andy Brack’s political column Brack Talk, and The Folly Buzz, which highlights happenings on neighboring Folly Beach. During its printing hiatus, the newspaper’s website (www.jimpaper.com) will continue to publish stories online.


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