My New Inbound Marketing Certification!

Well friends,
I suppose now is as good a time as any to announce that after many months of what was at times, a brutal job search, I’ve landed a position in content marketing with a national brand based in Mount Pleasant! My official role with my new firm will be as a “Marketing Content Strategist.” I don’t officially begin my work with my new company until November 6, but in the meantime I’ve been tasked with growing my marketing skill-set. As such, I’ve tackled the first of what will be many new skills assessments, this one from HubSpot.
Inbound Marketing Certification

I recently acquired the first of what will be several marketing certifications – this one was for inbound marketing

It was tough, but with a score of 80% I passed my initial exam and have my first certificate to show off. Thanks to everyone who has supported my over the months and years… you know who you are. Love you all!

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