McCoy Throws Hat In Ring

McCoy Throws Hat In Ring

S.C. House 115’s McCoy kicks off Congressional bid

By Charlie Morrison

Community Editor

S.C. House District 115 Rep. Peter McCoy has established himself as a known commodity here on James Island over the past decade of what has largely been a life led in the public eye. In a career that began in the State Solicitor’s Office, continued when he opened a private criminal defense practice for himself, and came to a culmination with his most recent and public of jobs, that of the S.C. House District 115 representative, McCoy has proven beyond doubt one thing above all, he’s not willing to set the bar high when it comes to things he believes in.


     Entering the race for Tim Scott’s vacated seat entails great political risk for each of the 16 Republicans who’ve thrown their hat into the crowded Congressional ring. Many of McCoy’s fellow candidates have taken the resume approach, touting long years of dedicated service to the state in their campaigns as proof positive of their viability. For McCoy however, there is such a thing as being too experienced.

“You look at the folks that are in this race, you’ve got folks that have been politically involved in Charleston or state-wide, who are 15, 16, 18, 20, 25-year veterans of politics,” said McCoy in an interview with JIM. “People are crying for a change, they’re crying out for a new face, they’re crying out for a young, conservative face, and that’s how I differentiate myself.

“I’m not tied to any political special interest, I’m not tied to anybody who’s donated, that I’ve got to make sure they’re okay, I’m not worried about the next election, I’m worried about helping people in the First District in a conservative way, a conservative manner and doing exactly what I started in Columbia, just transitioning that to the national level.”

In transitioning to the national level, McCoy will certainly need to rely on his now experienced team of volunteer campaign staffers … and why wouldn’t he, lean on his tight-knit network, they’ve gotten him this far.

“In 2010 when nobody thought he could win,y’all stepped it up and made it happen. We’re going to need you again,” said McCoy campaign manager Michael Mule in addressing attendees of a small campaign kick-off event a pair of McCoy supporters put on last Wednesday evening at the King St. Grille in downtown Charleston.

McCoy supporters Eddie Phipps and Stephen Khouri put on last Wednesday’s event. Though Curry was himself prevented from attending, the event did allow Phipps to espouse McCoy’s virtues and explain why he’s in the corner of the fresh-faced Republican.


(from left) Eddie Phipps and Rep. Peter McCoy

“I see change and I see trust (in McCoy),” says Phipps. “Someone like him in the Republican Party, with moderate conservative views … it just excites me that we have someone like that potentially, able to go up to D.C. and make a change. He’s the underdog, so they think.”

McCoy certainly doesn’t shy away from the conservative voting record he’s amassed in his short time in Columbia. McCoy highlights that he is one of only six in the S.C. Legislature that had a 100% pro-business voting record the past legislative session. In his eyes, however, where he’s different from the 15 others vying for the Congressional seat is the fact that he takes transparency seriously.


“I do it everyday in the State House. I give my cell phone out to people, everybody on James I has my cell phone, and this is not a campaign phone, this is my cell phone. I care about people, I care about helping people, and the issues actually mean something to me.” said McCoy.

     For the record, you can reach Rep. McCoy on his cell phone at (843) 452-4722. The District 1 Congressional Primary rimaries are set for March 19, with runoffs, if needed, April 2. The general election is May 7.

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