Copy Writing and Journalism Services

Copy Writing

I can write clean, thoughtful, copy on deadline and without any compromise to quality for a variety of mediums, industries, and organizations. My primary area of focus is gaining more experience as I transition into this industry, though I’ve already done marketing/PR/branding for firms in the financial services. real estate, retail, import/export, and of course media industries.

In short, weather it be website copy, the naming of a new line of products, developing your mission statement, your monthly newsletter or your social media postings, I can have the ability to build your brand with my unique brand of copy writing, a brand that leans heavily on the power of the story in penetrating the hearts and minds of the markets you’re trying to reach.

I’m still working out a rate sheet, but don’t hesitate to call/text me at (843) 297-0528 (mobile) or email me at to discuss your project, what I could contribute, and a rate we can both agree provides you value.


I am still an active journalist pursuing stories and pitching them to local and regional editors, so if you happen to come from that realm and think I’m the guy to tackle a story on your editorial to-do list. Call, let’s talk!