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There are few crimes in our society as universally reviled as that of child abuse.

And while the condemnation of the act of abusing or neglecting the most innocent amongst us is a tale easily told, the numbers don’t lie. The fight against child abuse if far from finished. The volunteers who make up Parents Anonymous of South Carolina (PASC) won’t let you forget it.

The organization operates as a private, non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect by working and communicating directly with families, victims, and communities. On Friday, Nov. 9, the organization took on the role of the happy host as the organization threw its third annual ‘Shuckin’ for a Cause!’ oyster roast held at the James Island County Park’s Wappoo Shelter.

The PASC is a locally-headquartered organization that, through a network of satellites groups it has developed throughout the state, provides training, support groups, young adult and adolescent parent support services to anyone in need throughout the state.

As for their primary fundraiser, the group was happy to have the support of Ally Financial and Marchant Cheverolet as the primary sponsors for ‘Shuckin’ for a Cause,’with Blackbeard’s Cove providing a bevy of kid’s activities, while for the adults, beer was donated from local brewers Holy City Brewing Co., along with wine donated from local wine importer Patagonia Wine & Imports.

The evening’s musical backdrop came from Henry Hiott and the Bros. Hiott of Walterboro Holy City, with Charleston Outdoor Catering doing the honors with respect to the real stars of the evening, the oysters. And while the food and revelry are important in building the group’s morale, and the donations were helpful in building the group’s budget, the focus of the evening was still the victims of childhood abuse and neglect.

“Child abuse and neglect is a huge issue in our state. We’re a little different than some of the other organizations like us in our state because we want to work with the parents, we want to stop the cycle before it even starts, work with the parents, strengthen their families so that abuse and neglect doesn’t happen in the first place,” said Amanda Netsch, the organization’s development manager. “We deal with mostly low income families, parents with high drug or alcohol abuse, single parents, teen pregnancy situations … and of course the economy is a stresser as well right now.

“That being said, every parent, I believe, can benefit from our services because it’s hard being a parent. In this day and age, it’s hard and the kids are going through so much these days with bullying, the eating disorders, living a healthy lifestyle, all of the things that make growing up today so difficult,” said Netsch.


For more information the organization, or to find out how to help or donate, contact Donna Xenakis at 843-747-0480. You can also email her at You can reach the organization by phone tollfree at 1-800-326-8621, at their website at, or by stopping by their North Charleston headquarters at 1285 Avenue G.

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