Their End of the Bargain

Their End of the Bargain

Community volunteers rally around effort to beautify municipal golf course

By Charlie Morrison

Community Editor

Dude adresses peeps

The City of Charleston’s Charleston Municipal Golf Course been renovated, renewed redone a number of times since it opened over eight decades ago, back in 1929. As caretaker of the “Muni,” the City has undertaken a number of capital improvement projects over the decades designed to improve the course’s playability, aesthetics, drainage capabilities. As evidenced by the efforts of volunteer group “The Friends of the Muni” however, the government isn’t the only entity with a stake in the Muni with the capacity to affect positive change on the course.

The all-volunteer group was formed by longtime Muni devotee Russ Greer with the principal mission of beautifying the welcome mat of any golf course, the first tee area. Veteran media personality avid “Muni rat” Warren Peper served as the master of ceremonies for a ribbon-cutting event held in honor of the “Friends” their generosity, held last Thursday afternoon at the course. Charleston Mayor Joeseph Riley was on h for the ceremony, he was the first to address the assemblage of golfers, volunteers, Muni staffers. Riley’s address came with an added bonus. Mayor Riley announced that he had, only the day before signed off on a $1 million irrigation project earmarked for the course. A Course Commission meeting is planned for later this week to further that process, reported Riley before addressing the crowd.

Joe and Warrn Peper     “This is really special, I told Warren, I said “I know this is a very special place for you, has helped create such lasting memories for you your sons,’ I know that’s how it is with everyone here … the memories of yesterdays, of yesterdays gone by, the time one spends on the golf course, even with the frustrations of a bad shot … is a happy, relaxed time out of doors in such a beautiful setting,” began Riley.

“I’m very proud of the Muni, their staff, the group. This is so special because it’s civic spirit generosity in action, all of the generous people who contributed who came participated in this,” Riley continued. It is such a nice place to begin a round of golf at a place with a first tee that citizens voluntarily made possible … it’s like you’re receiving a gift from them before you even tee the ball up. I look forward to continued improvements to this beautiful, historic, affordable, public golf course.”

It was Greer that took the lead on creating the plans, raising the funds working with principal contractor Diversified Concepts, LLC, who themselves donated time materials, were too named as “Friends of the Muni.”

The Friends of the Muni

“We kicked this off on June 1 of last year, they said we couldn’t do it. We raised the money in just about two weeks,” said Greer, who himself volunteered, shovel in h, on the project.

Joe in Background

The City’s of Charleston’s Municipal Golf Course Commission will be meeting this coming Thursday, February 21, beginning 5 p.m. at the course, located at 2110 Maybank Highway on James Isl.

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