A Pawn of No Man

Tinkler looks to take his turn as head of the Holy City

Tinkler looks to emerge from crowded field in Charleston Mayoral race as latest in long line of attorneys to settle into the City of Charleston’s top job.Tinkler Playing Chess

‘‘I will move my knight to ‘C3,’ taking your bishop,” said former City Councilman Paul Tinkler, now running a campaign to be the City’s next Mayor in November. It will take a special campaign run by a uniquely talented candidate to win the race to fill the retiring Riley’s seat atop the City of Charleston. The Hy City Mayoral elections will carry one from a field of seven talented candidates vying for the City’s top job.

Tinkler is a candidate with resume and references, the private sector experience, money, and name recognition to contend in November. A candidate viewed by most as a contender for the job, who has the knowledge and respect to step in as Riley steps out. A City Councilman for nine years, Tinkler knows better than to try to replace Joe Riley, Jr..


“You can’t replace Joe Riley. You just can’t expect to replace someone that has played as integral a “hands on” role as Riley has with our City,” said Tinkler in a recent interview with JIM. “And the leadership he has provided this community amidst this tragedy at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church was strong, solid leadership. He’s been there for the City since the beginning … just look at how he handled Hugo.”

“And he is still doing some of his best work,” said the lawyer, mediator, and one-time City Councilman in concluding his deference to the Mayor. Tinkler promises to take, if elected, what Joe Riley accomplished for residents of the peninsula and bring it out to the surrounding islands. Tinkler aspires to be for all what Riley is to some in our island communities, a source of inspiration to all in the City.

“Each borough of Charleston, each sea island has a unique set of issues, but the solution is rooted in the same spirit of transparency, openness and communication.

“A year from now, if elected, I’ll be having a successful year if I can do that alone, bring more people into the conversation, into the process of participating in their government’s activities. Neighborhoods need to be better linked with their representatives in government,” he stated.

A year from now, if he wins in November, Tinkler will have played his final “checkmate” in the election game.

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