Welcome to my digital home! I am Charlie Morrison and this is the Mind of Morrison.com. I have a number of reasons for having the site, so I apologize if you feel there’s a lot going on. As such, I’ve tried to simplify things for you: qbout me, the services I offer, and on my resume.

I have left the newspaper industry for the most part now, and am eagerly transitioning into a career building brands through the power of storytelling. I’m currently freelance copywriting (see “Services”) but am truly seeking a position applying both sides of my brain and both of my degrees (English, MBA) with a team! I can’t wait to join a collaborative environment of like-minded word nerds, debaters, brainstorm stars, and creators of compelling content.

News Stories (an archive of stories from my journalism days):

My site is the patchwork archive of my published articles, stories, and opinion pieces featured primarily in four Charleston, South Carolina-based, weekly community newspapers, the Daniel Island News, the Charleston City Paper, West Of, and primarily the paper I spent six years with and eventually owned and published, the James Island Messenger.

Contact Info:

You can always find a search bar somewhere as well as a home button that will bring you to the hub of the site, “Home.” Also the LinkedIn logo is clickable and will take you directly to my profile. Thanks for reading!


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