Who am I and what is ‘the Mind of Morrison?’

My name is Charlie Morrison and I’m the host and creator of the Mind of Morrison the site that you, by choice or sheer chance, have undoubtedly by accident stumbled upon. In either case, I bid you welcome.
The Author
I have worked as a journalist, editor, publisher, and opinion writer in Charleston, South Carolina for the better part of the last decade, publishing articles on politics, race relations, education, history, the environment.   In short, with respect to James Island I’ve touched on just about everything over the past seven or so years. My first internship began in 2002, under Charleston City Paper editor/owner Stephanie Barna, news editor Bill Davis, and associate editor Lorne Chambers.
My History
My career took a decided turn, when I retreated from journalism and began a foray at The Citadel, where I worked and acquired an M.B.A., before working in international trade and then business-to-business outside sales for the next few years. In the end, it was the aforementioned Chambers who invited me back into journalism. After leaving the Charleston City Paper, Chambers broke off on his own successfully launching West Of in 2005 and the James Island Messenger, in 2009 when I jumped on board.
The Site’s History
The Mind of Morrison formed four years later out of my desire to have digital versions of my work available. Though I contributed significantly to West Of, I took on the niche job of covering the Town of James Island shortly after joining Chambers, and thus the Messenger became the paper I was published in the most.
Being the younger brother of West Of and like younger brothers the last to receive new clothes and is much more likely to be sportin’ hand-me-downs.
Translated, the James Island Messenger or JIM for short, lacked a digital presence, a website where the paper published the stories it ran each week online for mass consumption. As I was a writer wanting to build a name, a portfolio, and in a general sense, awareness of my work, building the Mind was my solution to this problem, and in 2013, the website was born.
As of late August, JIM and I parted ways. With that end , perhaps as an insurance policy and perhaps in my desire to complete the job of publishing my entire portfolio of writings to a permanent site, I’ve begun bringing them back, copying them from JIMessenger.com the digital home of JIM. This process will take time, so bear with me.
Thanks for visiting the Mind of Morrison!
Charles D. Morrison

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